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    What About the Bad Days?

    Bad days. We all have them. It’s essential to learn to work with them, not be beaten and keep your progress going while the negative energy does its thing until it’s used up.  First, realize that bad days are going to happen. They don’t give you any warning, they just come up from behind and clobber you.  It could be…

  • Money

    7 Ways to Earn Money Fast

    Enterprising people can always find a way to earn money, often with the internet as a facilitator.  For some, just a little extra side income is all they want to cover the cost of eating out or for some new gadget. Other people want or need to make more.  Below are 7 ways to earn money, from just a little…

  • Transform your life

    Change Everything to Transform Your Life

    How do you change everything to transform your life? First, create a vision of the life you want, and the person you want to be. Second, ask yourself how much you are willing to change in order to have the life you envision.  Ask yourself if you are willing to move to a new city, state or even country. Ask…

  • save money make money financial independence

    Grow Your Savings with 3 Games That Work

    If you don’t already play games to save money and grow your savings it’s time to start. It’s easier to spend than save, but saving can be a lot easier than you think, even if you have very little money to put away. And if that is the case, you really need to start cutting down on expenses or building…

  • save money frugality financial independence

    Save Money with these 7 Easy Ways

    Learning how to save money by turning into a game can be a lot of fun and much more rewarding than spending money and watching your debts pile up. Why? Part of the answer is physiological. Spending gives us an instant dopamine blast but it doesn’t last, taking us on a high and then into a low. That’s why that…

  • make money fast money easy money

    5 Easy and Fun Ways to Make Money Fast

    Especially in times like these most of us could use a little extra cash. Technology has made it easier than ever to put money into your pocket in fun and interesting ways. Remember, money is exactly like the fat on our bodies: it’s all about dollars in and dollars out. Or euros, or yen. Just like losing weight is a…

  • Health

    12 Ways to Smash It While Stuck Indoors

    I hated being locked down, and locked in. Then I began to love it.  Wait. No. But I’ve come to appreciate it. What changed: pushing through the discontent and moving my life forward in ways that are actually available to me. Since we’re going to spend this time largely indoors, often in our heads, and we can make the most…