7 Ways to Earn Money Fast

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Enterprising people can always find a way to earn money, often with the internet as a facilitator. 

For some, just a little extra side income is all they want to cover the cost of eating out or for some new gadget. Other people want or need to make more. 

Below are 7 ways to earn money, from just a little to enough to live on. 

Don’t be afraid to try any of these. If it’s for you you’ll know soon enough and you’ll be happy you gave it a shot. If not, then just try something else. 

Experimenting—giving something a trial run to see how you react to it—is one of the most powerful tools you have in destining your life. Don’t stop using it.

1. Set yourself up as a mover

If you are healthy and can lift, you can earn money by moving boxes and furniture as a moving labor provider, working for local moving companies on a per-job basis. Moving companies will generally let you sign up with them and will call on you when a job comes their way. Check out lists of moving companies in your area that you can contact and get onboard with. Moving is flexible and once you get in with one or two companies you’ll have regular jobs paying $20 or more an hour. While it’s usually men doing this job, any woman in reasonably good shape can do it just as well. The earning potential for movers is good and if you really love the work you can start your own company after gaining sufficient experience. People will always be moving so it will always be possible to make money in this field, whether full time or on the side. Check out moving jobs and companies in your area on this website. 

2. Get paid to listen to music

Yes, this one is fun. If you enjoy listening to music and can put your opinions into words, you can earn money on Slicethepie, a site used by aspiring bands and artists to get feedback on their work, helping them improve their music to appeal to more people. The earning potential on Slicethepie is relatively low but the work is fun and easily fits into a busy day. Use it to cover your monthly beer or taco bill. 

3. Test Websites

Website developers and companies need to know that their websites are functional, user friendly and effective. To ensure that users are having a good experience on their websites they will hire website testers to navigate through their sites and then write a review or answer a questionnaire. UserTesting is one of the biggest sites for this kind of work there is, but here is a list of 18 sites where you can offer your services and earn money as a website tester. The earning potential here is decent as most companies will pay $10 to test their website. If you choose to pursue this option, expect to make money slowly in the beginning. You may qualify for as few as one test per week for a while, meaning you’ll earn $0 or $50 a month. As you grow your reputation as a reliable tester you will begin to qualify for most tests and in time can expect to make $300-$500 a month doing website testing as a side gig. 

Earn money

4. Be a paid friend

If you are sociable and like people, you can earn money through Rent a Friend, a site where people offer their company to others for anything from going to a movie or restaurant to attending a company picnic or a political fundraiser. You might find a gig that involves just hanging out with someone and talking. The first thing that has to be said is that this is not a dating site or anything dodgier in that direction. Rather, this is a real business connecting people who need company with those offering it. The earning potential here is high. You can earn from $10 to $50 an hour. While some people reputedly do it full time it’s more likely to be a well paying side hustle for most, where there is a potential to earn a solid $1000 a month in extra income in your spare time. Rent a Friend operates globally.

5. Teach English online

Teaching English used to mean having either to qualify to each English as a Second Language in one of the English language countries, or to work and live abroad. This is no longer the case, with companies like connecting teachers with pupils around the world, but mostly in China, Korea and other Asian countries. To qualify you should be a native English speaker and have a good command of the language. If you have a college degree, so much the better. The pay is between $15 and $20 an hour, and if you throw yourself into it you can earn a full time living by building up a sufficient number of students. I know someone who travelled throughout Europe and South America while teaching English through his laptop. He had a steady income and was able to see the world without having to first build up large savings. The small but sometimes annoying downside is that you are going to have to build a schedule that works for your students, who live in completely different time zones. On the up side, about 5 hours of work a day for 25 days a month will get you up to $2500, more than enough if you are single and leading a modest (or traveling) lifestyle while leaving plenty of time left over for things you are passionate about. Can you get that many students? Yes, of course, but you have to establish yourself first and gain a reputation. Do the job well and you can earn a full time living.

6. Hang out with dogs

If you’re willing to take two or three dogs into your home for a couple of weeks out of the month you can expect to earn about $1000 through Rover. Willing to keep them for the whole month? Then triple that amount. Rover will also set you up with dog walking opportunities. If you live in Europe, try Pawshake for sitting and walking gigs. Is it easy to take care of dogs? Not necessarily. But unlike any other job, this one isn’t very demanding of your time. Dogs will need several walks per day, play time and attention. All told you’ll put a few hours a day into it and have fun all along the way. Without a doubt the first round of COVID-19 has reduced the number of sitting opportunities, but that will change again once restrictions are lifted. In the meantime, plenty of people still need to have their pets walked and sometimes taken care of for longer periods of time. Don’t wait until the pandemic passes to give this a try. 

7. Be an online juror

If you are an American citizen, over 18 and haven’t been convicted of a felony, you can serve as a mock juror for lawyers prepping for a case. If debating guilt or innocence sound intriguing then this is your thing. You can find jobs at  eJury and OnlineVerdict. You will be asked to provide a good deal of information about yourself so be warned. Lawyers like to know who makes up their juries. But don’t worry, your secrets will be confidential. The earning potential is moderate—from $5 to $60. Reviewing cases and filling out questions takes from 20 to 60 minutes. Realistically, if you put some effort into this as a side hustle you can make a $200 to $300 a month without losing too much of your time.

The money making habit

Even something you do on the side should be enjoyable and satisfying in some way. Whether you like to work with your body (mover) or your mind (mock juror) or would rather spend your time teaching or listening to music, there’s something out there for you that will enhance your life and bring in a little, or a lot of, extra cash. Don’t be afraid to jump in and give it a go and turn making money on the side into a habit and see how much more fun you have and how much easier you breathe.

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