• Most men lead lives of quiet desperation

    Living that Life of Quiet Desperation

    You’ve heard the famous quote from Henry Thoreau most likely but in case you’ve forgotten or missed it, the great American transcendentalist and iconoclast wrote, in Walden Pond, here it is: “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation. From the desperate city you go into the desperate country, and have to…

  • I'm sick of myself

    I’m Sick of Being Myself. Now What?

    “I’m sick of being myself.” It can hit you at any time, but usually comes after a period of repeated failures to change.  If you’ve been stuck in a rut for a while and have tried again and again to make changes and gotten nowhere, this phrase or one very similar to it is going to come for you. It’s…

  • Prepare for recession

    Prepare for the Coming Recession – 9 Things to Do

    If you don’t prepare for the coming recession there’s a good chance it’s going to crash over you like a giant wave. Especially if you are young, you should prepare for the coming recession because as one of the last ones into the workforce you’re most likely to be one of the first ones out when layoffs come. Don’t wait…

  • Trading and life
    Life Transformation

    Day Trading Stock and Life Lessons

    Day trading stocks teaches you a lot of lessons, about life, about yourself. And of course about trading stocks—how to win, and how to lose. Two months in to my stock trading journey, here are my early takeaways. Most People Lose There’s a reason 90% of traders lose money, and it’s the same reason 90% of people lead mediocre lives:…

  • Save money with minimalism

    7 Ways Minimalism Can Make You Wealthier

    Minimalism is more than just downsizing and creating clean, beautiful and functional spaces. It is about bringing order, discipline and intentionality to all parts of your life. Among other things, you will save money with minimalism because your financial life will become ordered and simplified along with the rest of your life.  Focus in and you will save money with…

  • increase running mileage

    5 Ways to Increase Running Mileage Fast and Safely

    You can increase running mileage much faster than you’ve been led to believe without increasing your risk of injury. Yes, yes, I know—the 10% rule. Whether you’re new to running or a veteran, you’ve probably heard that you can’t increase your weekly mileage by more than 10% without risking injury. This is bunk. Before we go over the ways to…

  • Minimalism

    The Minimalism Jump Start

    The minimalism jump start is a way to quickly gain some momentum in developing a minimalist lifestyle that works for you. When it comes to gaining energy, changing your mindset and launching you in a new, more authentic and fulfilling direction in life, there is nothing more powerful than adopting minimalism.  While there is no universal standard of what constitutes…

  • Spending fast

    Reset Your Finances with a Spending Fast

    Money is a lot like food. We tend to crave it, overindulge and regret it later. Our bellies get bloated, as do our credit card bills, while our self-respect and bank accounts get drained. You can reset your finances with a spending fast just like you can reset your eating habits with a juice or water fast. Otherwise known as…